Finding the Best Waterproof Hiking Boots

Waterproof Hiking Boots

Every climber needs a pair of waterproof hiking boots. Those who plan to go hiking should take into account the type of shoe that they will be using. Below are the top three types of shoes and the waterproofing technology that they possess.

The most popular hiking footwear is the boot. This is because of the extra support that it provides to the foot. But hiking with them could cause some disadvantages if not worn properly.

You will never want to wear the traditional pair of hiking boots. They are usually made up of two parts – the upper portion of the shoe, which act as a lacing system, and the base, which have some midsole material. Even though it’s the best waterproof hiking boots, it’s also one of the heaviest ones.

Types of Boots

If you are planning to go on a day hike or an adventurous trek, you should go for a simple waterproof boot. Just look for those that are light and easy to handle. Otherwise, you could end up with bruises and blisters. A little water can turn into a big disaster if you’re not prepared.

It’s a little bit easier to walk in a water-resistant boot. However, the material it’s made up of is not very breathable. That means that your feet will be exposed to moist conditions from time to time.

water resistant boot

They also have some internal workings that are very lightweight and flexible, but they lack some of the waterproofing technology. You will only find it in the shoes manufactured by Merrell. These are the best Gore Tex hiking boots.


Waterproofing is necessary in any hiking footwear. To keep your feet dry, you need a pair of hiking boots that have the thickness of half an inch. For the Gore-Tex technology, they are thick enough to keep water from penetrating the insides of the shoe.

Waterproofing shoes should be able to keep moisture away from the bottom of the shoe. And when the foot hits something solid, like the trail, it would not compress the material at all. Your feet would always stay dry.


Once you buy them, however, make sure that you take the time to inspect the inside and the seams of the shoes to make sure that they are really water-resistant and have some rain resistance properties. You can determine this by inspecting the inner lining and seam of the shoe.

If you have trekking poles, bring along some with you. You might want to use them during the rainy season.

When you use trekking poles, make sure that you wear rubber shoes to protect your foot area from any kind of injury. You can buy small boots that are waterproof for your feet that won’t be cumbersome.

Waterproofing shoes would serve your purpose if you are looking for a lightweight waterproofing shoe. To ensure the safety of your feet and the protection of your feet in case of bad weather, go for the best Gore-Tex hiking boots.

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